About Inside Outlooks

Inside Outlooks was founded by Matthew Walley on the principle that our thoughts and beliefs shape our lives and our businesses. Until we look inside to determine which of those thoughts and beliefs benefit us and which hold us back, we remain our own biggest obstacle in our journey through life.


What we do

Individual Coaching – highly individualized and tailored to each individual client. It’s intense, it’s challenging and it is not for everyone. We approach individual coaching from the inside out, because what you’re thinking about the most, whether positive or negative, is what manifests in your life. We use a tried and tested  method that focuses on your mindset and then dig down until we identify your beliefs and the resulting thoughts that are preventing you from being the person you believe you can or want to be. Whether for business or personal transformation, the basis of our coaching is that a person’s thinking has a greater impact on their lives than anything else.

Corporate Consulting – geared toward companies, leadership and teams that believe strongly that they should be performing at a higher level than they are currently.


Matthew Walley’s Background:

My life has been one big adventure. After growing up in Pittsburgh I went on to live in NYC, Hilton Head, Charleston, Nashville, Germany, South Africa and also had extended stays in Italy, Spain and Israel. My first career was as a professional opera singer which led to a year and a half on the Broadway stage and lots of travel. When I retired from singing I went on to spend a decade in leadership with Keller Williams Realty, before hiring a coach who changed my life forever. Through our time together I discovered my passion for coaching and helping others to achieve extraordinary success. As a result, I worked hard to gain my coaching certification and have been coaching full time ever since.

Why I am passionate about Coaching:

There is nothing that brings me more joy than watching my clients achieve more than they ever thought possible! My passion for coaching is exceeded only by my passion for them and their success. I believe that we all make up stories every day and then use them as evidence for why things are the way they are. I love challenging those stories and challenging my clients’ assumptions to get to the truth of what’s holding them back. I help build awareness around their thinking and then help them to see their thinking from a different perspective.

I have witnessed what coaching can do both as a client and a coach. It is so incredibly powerful. I’m thrilled each and every day that I am afforded the opportunity to serve others and to help them see a brighter vision of their future than they can currently imagine. For me, coaching is all about the client, and the individualized coaching process provides the perfect environment to raise awareness around a client’s thinking, to equip them with tools to improve their state of mind and to empower them to reach even their loftiest of goals.


A bit more about Matt outside of coaching:

My fondest memory of my singing career was performing on Broadway as Tony in Terrence McNally’s Tony Award winning play “Master Class” opposite Dixie Carter. She taught me so much! If there’s one thing I don’t like t is sitting still. I love to travel and meet new people, so I am always on the move. I also really enjoy playing golf and listening to music of all genres. I make an effort to see as many live concerts and as much live theatre, opera and improv as possible. I spent several years honing my people skills and my listening skills as a New York City bartender in Manhattan where I also met my wife, Maryann. We currently live in Atlanta with our cat Za (who should have his very own website highlighting his eccentricities and love of food…maybe next year) and our new puppy who arrives at home on December 2nd, 2017.


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