Jeff D. from United states | October 03, 2017

5 Star

Everyone thinks about doing something like talking to a life coach, everyone. Only a small percentage of people actually go through with it due to hesitation regarding doubt, finances, etc. My advice: TAKE THE LEAP and talk to Matt, you will not regret it. Matt has changed my life in so many ways and I had the very same hesitations you are probably having right now. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, because it truly made me go about life everyday looking at things in a different light. No matter where you are in life and what types of goals you are looking to achieve, Matt’s perspective on positivity and staying focused on what matters most to you, will guide you to happiness and success.

Adam Ballenger from United states | August 27, 2017

5 Star
Start Living Your Best Life!

Matt is a great coach. Never any judgement, always positive and helped me out of my funk. Talking through things with Matt helped me realize the things that I need to focus on and also the bad habits that contributed to my struggles. Highly recommend him! Who doesn’t want to do/be/have more? Contact Matt!

Grady M. from United states | August 25, 2017

5 Star
Don’t hesitate!

Matt had the ability to look at things that I wasn’t paying attention to that were staring me right in the face. I wouldn’t have been able to pick up on the things he pointed out myself. He was able to draw things to the surface and show me.

I highly recommend Matt as a coach who knows how to listen, and he helps provide me with the tools I need to be happy and successful in life.


Wener Burger

CEO at IFA Hotels & Resorts – Cape Town area, South Africa

Matt was with us over a year in Zimbali South Africa, established the Market Center of KW Ignite in Zimbali and KZN and brought important Keller Williams experience and culture that he infused the office with. I found Matt a pleasure to work with and very honest and trustworthy. I can recommend Matt for his next challenge with an open heart, one of his most valuable assets is his calmness, he creates a team spirit and when he leaves a place it will be better than when he arrived.


Kim Ades

President and Founder, Frame of Mind Coaching, Toronto, Canada

Matt is a natural-born coach and has a powerful instinct for picking up what isn’t obvious to most. He has the ability to catch critical thinking traps and help clients address them and move past them to success in a way that is both challenging and warm at the same time. His strength for building cooperative groups as well as his vast range of leadership experience made him a very valuable member of our team.


Dave Gorham

Coach, Frame of Mind Coaching, Williamstown, NJ

Matt is an amazing person. I was honored with being his coach for a pivotal time period in his life. This is when I got to know and understand the true Matt. His courage to both work on inner challenges and outward issues had always impressed me. Even with the seriousness of the work and subject matter, %#*@…did we have a great time. His sense of humor is disarming, making him a true leader.


Michael Flemming

Atlanta, GA

Matt is the consummate professional in investing, real estate, and growing business to potential. His ability to critically think through client challenges and reviewing options for potential solutions is powerful and productive. He is a natural coach with clients best interest foremost to accomplish their long term objectives. And Matt is an outstanding singer too – so he can be lively at your next event!


Phil de Sylva

Ballito, South Africa

I had the privilege of working closely with Matthew Walley (Matt) over a 15 month period in his capacity as a consultant to the IFA Group in South Africa. The IFA Group had invested in Keller Williams Realty and was in the process of establishing a KW Market Centre at Zimbali in the Province of Kwazulu Natal. The KW model was at that time a unique and new entrant to the South African real estate sector and it became apparent in our KW start up that the experience and expertise of a KW expert was needed. Matt agreed to relocate himself from Atlanta, USA, initially for a short period not expected to exceed a couple of months, but given his invaluable assistance, was extended by mutual consent to c.15 months.

It was a real pleasure to have Matt on our team and it is largely due to his guidance and input that our new KW Ignite Market Centre was stabilised and has since become a force to be reckoned with. Matt is excellent with people, a great motivator, articulate and entertaining in his training and presentations, very goal-oriented and has a perpetually positive and cheerful disposition. He is a good listener and quick to grasp the bigger picture in formulating sensible and lasting solutions to business and human resourcing challenges.

We were saddened that Matt had to return to the USA, but fully intend to keep in close contact with him. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt as both a professional and a person of exceptionally good character.


Whitney King

Mt. Juliet, TN

I welcomed Matt pushing me past my insecurities, fears, and ‘but’s to make me a better person and professional! Matt wants to see you push through your ceiling and he’s willing to push you past your comfort zone. I value Matt’s opinion and appreciate the wisdom he has shared. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today had he not seen an ability in me I couldn’t even see.


Mark Brenneman

Hilton Head Island, SC

As a leader Matt takes a sincere and honest interest in the lives of those on his team. That sincerity creates a wonderful spirit and culture of caring, participation and growth for the team. The truest test of leadership is “Are those one is leading getting better?” and I can honestly say those that have the opportunity to work with Matt truly are getting better all the time. I myself am a better person and leader as a result of my relationship with Matt.”


Julia Unger

Ballito, South Africa

Matt is empathetic, trustworthy and sincere. His clients, colleagues, friends and family recognize in him the ability to connect authentically with others and help them achieve their goals. Matt enjoys interacting with positive, proactive individuals who are invested in the coaching process and in their own personal growth. His mission is to help his clients focus on and move towards what they want, rather than towards what they need or have to do. He has always believed that true victory starts from within; and that everything naturally falls into place once a person is freed from their limiting beliefs. Matt’s great attitude, his passion for life and his ability to relate to others are the driving forces behind his ongoing success as a team leader and Frame of Mind Coach.



Ed Marill

Charleston, SC

Matt Walley was my coach in my early couple of years at Keller Williams in Mount Pleasant, and he helped me to grow my business exponentially through those tough growing years as a new agent. He has an infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude, and more importantly is someone who I always knew I could trust. I would highly recommend him!


Peter Ristine

New York, NY

I have known Matt both personally and professionally for over 10 years. I have had the pleasure to see Matt in action throughout multiple facets of his life, and I can say unequivocally that he is one of the finest people that I have ever known. Matt is intelligent, creative, enthusiastic, and willing to go “the extra mile” to be successful. Matt exhibits a combination of passion and enthusiasm for all aspects of life that make him a wonderful person to be around.



Ganten Kirby

Atlanta, GA

Matt is a talented coach that takes the time to listen and then points out what you are avoiding that is keeping your from breaking through. He is thoughtful, tactful, patient and positive. He provides hands on examples and activities that allow you to move from where you are to where you want to be. He also understands the bigger picture and reminds you of it. If you are looking for a coach that will analyze your needs and provide a path to get there then hire Matt, you will be glad you did.


Mark Takacs

Atlanta, GA

Matt coached me in my Real Estate business and as I look back it was obvious the results were much more than I anticipated. He helped me through a growth process that solidified my position in the marketplace and has led to other fantastic opportunities. It was certainly a great investment and one I can recommend others making in themselves and their own businesses.


Jon Stroud

Charleston, SC

Having been with Keller Williams Realty for more than 11 years, I have known many coaching and leadership styles. Matt Walley was definitely one of my favorites for many reasons. Matt is very good at helping you self-discover, and then helping find best ways to hold you accountable for your goals. To this day, I reach out to Matt for advice, as I grow to the next levels of my life and business. Matt also is a great builder of teams. His leadership style is not one to tell people where to fit into the group. His style is to build teams through building the relationships within, allowing leadership to come out of each of the teammates organically. It was fun to watch our Agent Leadership Committee grow together when Matt was our Team Leader. Matt is genuine, and at the same time, tough. I would not hesitate to hire Matt as my Coach again!


Maryann OBrien

Atlanta, GA

Matt takes the time to listen, analyze, and give motivating feedback in both his daily life and especially when coaching his clients. The time he spends challenging and encouraging his clients is evident when reflecting on the growth of each and every individual he touches. I highly recommend Matt’s coaching expertise!


John Kolcun

Bluffton, SC

Matt is a trusted advisor. I felt that I could discuss any problem with him – professional or personal – and I valued his perspective. Matt has a fantastic ability to comprehend a person’s feelings and attitude.


Amy Hawke

Charlotte, NC

Matt is a smart and intuitive fellow who genuinely wants others to succeed at very high levels. He has a giving heart combined with a shrewd business sense that allows him to move quickly and guide wisely.


Amy Hamilton

Nashville, TN

Matt is a great leader! Matt knows how to motivate and lead with enthusiasm and encouragement. He is continually increasing his knowledge through top leadership books and courses and believes 100% in whatever he is chosen to do and will be the best he can be, which is better than the majority. Matt is a great coach. He knows how to find that trigger in each person and be a coach based on that, whether it’s a little more gentle with some and tougher with others, he still gets the job done. I was honored and blessed to be able to work with Matt and I’m a better person today because of knowing him.


Dina Porteous

Umhlanga, South Africa

Matthew was my mentor and coach when I needed to settle into my new role as Operational Principal of Keller Williams KZN. Matthew was awesome !! 

1. He was organised and committed 

2.. Process Orientated and Consistent 

3. Asked good questions 

4. Always stayed objective 

5. Was knowledgeable and skill 

6. Balanced 

7. Balanced and Fair 

8. Very patient 

9. Firm and Realistic 

Plays awesome game of golf !!