The Coaching Process

The initial 10 week program consists of 10 one hour, one-on-one calls with your coach. During your 70 day journey, you’ll also be asked to journal online allowing your coach to review your thoughts and  comment on them between your calls. This process is intense and deliberate, taking you deeper and deeper each day rather than once a week like traditional coaching. This is all about driving results through an intimate experience as your coach helps you to identify your beliefs and the resulting thoughts that are holding you back. The entire process results in a level of personal insight that is second to none and is designed to achieve radical results in a short amount of time.

Take time to look inside, and you can change the way you experience this wonderful world of ours every single day.


Give us 10 weeks, 10 calls, 10 hours and 70 days of journaling and you will see and feel the difference within yourself.