Therapy is about your
PAST. Coaching is
about your FUTURE!

What’s holding you in the past?
What’s preventing you from moving forward?
Why are you focusing constantly on what you think you “have” to do,
when you could be focusing on (and doing) what you “want” to do?

At Inside Outlooks we show you how to take yourself to the next level
by changing how you think.

Individual Coaching centered around your thoughts, your goals and your desires
What makes our Coaching different?

10 weeks, 10 calls, 10 hours of personal recordings and 70 days of journaling

We Focus on your Mindset

We approach individual coaching from the inside out, because what you’re thinking about the most, whether positive or negative, is what manifests in your life. We use the tried and tested Frame of Mind Coaching method which very simply means that we focus on your mindset, the beliefs behind it and the resulting thoughts that are preventing you from being the person you believe you can or want to be.

We Focus on YOU...

because we know
the one thing
getting in your way
IS you!

Coaching Methodology

The Frame of Mind Coaching method focuses on your thinking, your values, your beliefs, your experiences and your perspectives which are responsible for who and where you are today. As your awareness of what you think is heightened, an epic transformation begins and you see incredible results in a very short period of time. Those results ripple across every aspect of your life, creating colossal changes from relationships, to health, to revenue. Isn’t it time you stepped up and took control? .

What are you thinking?

Together we study your thoughts, beliefs, past experiences and current perspectives in order to make sense of your personal journey and how you arrived to be where you are and who you are today. It's intense and challenging, and it will change your world.

70 days of Journaling

During your 70 day journey, you’ll be encouraged to journal via our online journaling platform which affords you the opportunity to stay intimately connected to your coach between sessions as the conversation goes deeper and your awareness increases. Your online journal keeps you engaged as you begin to implement the concepts and principles learned throughout your coaching journey.

Coaching Options

Because every client is unique, their coaching journey should be too. We offer additional coaching options with and without journaling, and the best way to decide what platform will work best for you is to schedule a consultation with Matt today at

Take time to look inside, and you can change the way you experience this wonderful world of ours every single day.