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Our Mission: Inspire Positive Change Through Thought Awareness & Thought Management

We are dedicated to making a difference in the world by nurturing personal growth through thought awareness and management. With a shared passion for self-improvement, we aim to inspire others to join our journey of positive transformation. Join us on our mission to create positive change.

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Goal Setting



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How Do I Know If I Need a Mindset Coach?


Mindset coaching focuses on helping individuals shift their thinking and perspective towards a more positive and growth-oriented mindset. The goal of mindset coaching is to help individuals identify and overcome limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and negative thought patterns that may be holding them back from achieving their goals and living their best life.


Are you willing to:

  1. Commit to personal growth and development?
  2. Experiment with new ideas and exercises?
  3. Hold yourself accountable for your progress?
  4. Be truthful and open with your coach about your challenges and goals?
  5. Change your mindset and behaviors to achieve your goals?
  6. Understand that mindset coaching is an investment in yourself?

If you answered yes to these questions, then mindset coaching may be a good fit for you. To ensure a successful coaching experience it’s important to show up on time for your appointments, come prepared, and be fully engaged in the coaching process. Remember that mindset coaching is a collaborative process between you and your coach, so it’s important to be open and honest about your goals and challenges, and be willing to work together to develop a plan for achieving your desired future.


Mindset coaching can offer numerous benefits, such as breaking old habits, being more open to new opportunities, embracing challenges, being authentic, enjoying life, repairing or ending relationships, forgiving oneself and others, halting self-sabotage, advancing in a career, building wealth, increasing confidence and visibility. Mindset coaching can also help individuals cultivate a positive mindset and develop new skills, leading to personal growth and success in various areas of life.


  • Visualization: Creating vivid mental images of desired outcomes to improve motivation and focus.
  • Mindfulness: Cultivating present-moment self awareness to increase complete clarity and reduce stress.
  • Cognitive Restructuring: Identifying and challenging negative thought patterns and replacing them with more positive and empowering ones.
  • Masterminds: Providing opportunities for individuals to synergize and learn from others, share ideas, and receive feedback, which can help them develop new skills, expand their knowledge, and grow both personally and professionally.
  • Affirmations: Using positive statements to reinforce desired beliefs and behaviors.
  • Goal-setting: Setting specific and achievable goals that align with an individual’s values and aspirations.
  • Self-reflection: Regularly reflecting on one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to gain insights and make positive changes.
  • Accountability: Holding oneself accountable for progress and seeking support from a coach or accountability partner to stay on track.


It’s never typical. It’s not about cost, it’s about value. YOU ARE WORTH IT. The more important question is “How much is it worth for you to get from where you are now to where you truly want to be?”

What Will Never Happen if You Never Make a Change?

About Matthew Walley

Founder, Mindset Coach

Matthew Walley is a creative soul, wizard of words, world traveler who is often called a “Renaissance Man.” As a performer, leader, coach, writer, poet, and Christian, Matthew has a zest for life and every adventure that comes with it. His journey led him to live in seven different countries across four continents… so far, and he carries the rich cultures, magnificent landscapes, beautiful people, and incredible friendships forward from each of those remarkable experiences.
Matthew’s career as a performer quickly afforded him a lead role on Broadway in Terrence McNally’s “Master Class,” opera roles throughout the US, Europe and Asia, and multiple performances as soloist at Carnegie Hall and with major symphony orchestras in both the US and overseas.

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After retiring from the stage – Matthew chose to relocate from Manhattan to Hilton Head Island for a better quality of life and quickly found himself following in his father’s footsteps by diving into a career in real estate. In 2008 he was hired as the Team Leader / CEO for Keller Williams Realty on Hilton Head, and after three and a half successful years he went on to lead KW offices in Charleston, Nashville, Atlanta, and KwaZulu Natal, South Africa where he spent a year and a half as a consultant, trainer, and coach for multiple KW offices. After engaging mindset coach Dave Gorham (now dear friend and business partner) in a life changing experience, Matthew knew he wanted to impact lives the way Dave had impacted his own. He quickly gained his coaching certification and within a few years also founded Inside Outlooks, LLC as an independent coaching company. As a Mindset Coach Matt combines his love for people with a strong passion for helping highly motivated individuals to exceed their own expectations. As a writer and poet Matthew collaborates regularly with authors and writers on various books and projects, and he also works with photographers, artists, coaches, and thought leaders to enhance their incredible works and success through the written word. As a wordsmith Matt is regularly inspired by the words of others and creates “on the fly” poetry with their words and his thoughts woven together. His talents have been likened to “witnessing a master create a work of art right before your eyes.” Matthew’s love of poetry also has him working feverishly on multiple poetry collections, and several children’s books.

Check out some of Matt’s writing:

Matt W
Dave G

About Dave Gorham


Dave Gorham spends all of his time being Dave, the authentic, unapologetic, “this is who I am” – Dave, and as a result he inspires others to do the same. He encourages people to listen more intently to what’s in their gut, their heart, and their mind instead of just the first of those to rise to an occasion. Listening to all three affords an opportunity to discover which one begs to be heard and discover what they really want and who they really are. As a Mind-Set Coach for both Inside Outlooks and Frame of Mind Coaching, Dave helps other professionals achieve their ultimate goals. With an extensive background in marketing, advertising, and business management, Dave comes with a unique approach to leadership coaching, and let’s be clear – we are all leaders somewhere within our personal lives.

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With a passion to guide people to reach their goals and help show up like a Superhero to beat the crap out of those unavoidable villains that taunt us daily. He helps clients create the success they want. His focus is always on expansion and growth along with assisting clients with “Big-Picture” issues. His efforts have been rewarded with an ever-increasing client base. Dave is also the President & Co-Founder of Realty Solutions LLC, a Real Estate Management Company in New Jersey. His extensive involvement with many facets of real estate coaching have led to the success he enjoys today. Dave brings over thirty (30) years of real estate experience to his work and continues to invest in real estate and in himself.

About Amy J. Scupham, CFA


Amy J. Scupham is a distinguished business leader, seasoned executive, and experienced strategic coach with an extensive background in sales management, planning and business model evolution, product management/development and data analytics. With a career spanning over 25 years, Amy has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive growth, reshape organizational structures, and lead successful sales and distribution teams. As a coach, Amy helps individuals cultivate a positive and growth-oriented mindset to achieve their goals and overcome challenges. She provides guidance, support, and tools to help her clients identify limiting beliefs, reframe negative thoughts, and develop resilience.

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Throughout her career, Amy has played a pivotal role in shaping a growth strategy, resulting in pipeline growth exceeding $2 billion in just 2 years. Amy’s innovative approach involved implementing a systemized sales cycle driven by data and machine learning, providing competitive analytics on asset class trends, product positioning, and firm and product competitiveness. Amy has exhibited exceptional leadership in restructuring distribution organizations and optimizing sales productivity. Her strategic initiatives resulted in cost savings of over $5 million, a 13% increase in gross sales, and a remarkable 30% improvement in net sales.Amy J. Scupham’s career is marked by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic leadership. Her ability to drive growth, implement transformative initiatives, and contribute to diverse committees showcases her as a multifaceted and impactful leader and coach.

Amy J. Scupham

What Our Clients Think About Us

“…empathetic, trustworthy and sincere”

My coaching relationship was positive and proactive, and I truly felt invested in the coaching process and in my own personal growth.

Julia U.
South Africa

“Pushed me past my insecurities, fears…”

They wanted to see me push through my ceiling and were willing to push past my comfort zone. I valued their opinion and appreciated the wisdom shared. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today had they not seen an ability in me I couldn’t even see.

Whitney K.

“…a trusted advisor.”

I felt that I could discuss any problem – professional or personal – and I valued the perspective shared. They have a fantastic ability to comprehend a person’s feelings and attitude.

John K.
South Carolina

“…smart and intuitive fellas”

They genuinely want others to succeed at very high levels. They both have giving hearts combined with a shrewd business sense that allows them to move quickly and guide wisely.

Amy H.
North Carolina

“I’m so glad I did it.”

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I took the leap of faith and decided to sign up for coaching . It turned out to be the single best investment I’ve ever made in myself, both personally and professionally. What an incredible job they did at giving me simple and practical tools that I could use in all facets of my life to make a positive change. Kind and understanding and never judgmental. I always felt that the goal was simply to see me succeed in reaching my personal goals, whatever they may be. I would encourage anyone that is considering coaching to take the leap! You won’t be disappointed.

Jennifer P.
South Carolina

“It’s Magic!”

Past personal issues kept resurfacing through my relationships, especially in my marriage. In a time span of 6 years, I had been to 5 different counselors. I knew all the correct answers. I knew how I was supposed to react. Nothing really changed until after losing my job. My husband urged me to” get help. During the first interview I was skeptical. One – that my life would ever improve. Two – that the magic they referred to was real. Fast forward – my life has changed in amazing ways. I have recently started my dream job. My relationships are healthy beyond what I would ever imagine. Coaching gave me perspective on my true self that was deep inside. All I can say is “Thanks!” For those reading this – You can have this ‘magic’ in your life too!

Dee M.

“Start Living Your Best Life!”

They are great coaches. Never any judgment, always positive and helped me out of my funk. Talking through things helped me realize those things that I need to focus on and the bad habits that contributed to my struggles. Highly recommend! Who doesn’t want to do/be/have more?

Adam B.

“Don’t hesitate!”

They had the ability to look at things that I wasn’t paying attention to that were staring me right in the face. I wouldn’t have been able to pick up on the things it wasn’t pointed out. I was able to draw things to the surface and then they showed me alternative ways to think about them that served me better. I highly recommend coaching, they know how to listen, and help provide me with the tools I need to be happy and successful in life.

Grady M.

“Take the leap”

Everyone thinks about doing something like talking to a life coach, everyone. Only a small percentage of people actually go through with it due to hesitation regarding doubt, finances, etc. My advice: TAKE THE LEAP and have the conversation, you will not regret it. Coaching has changed my life in so many ways and I had the very same hesitations you are probably having right now. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, because it truly made me go about life every day looking at things in a different light. No matter where you are in life and what types of goals you are looking to achieve, they’re perspective on positivity and staying focused on what matters most to you, will guide you to happiness and success.

Jeff D.
New Jersey

“Beyond Worth It”

Amazing. Hands down one of the best coaches I’ve worked with so far. They listen to what you say, offer the perfect amount of encouragement while firmly keeping you accountable. I received help navigating through some major life and career changes by being asked some questions…hard questions that were tough to answer. But by doing so, I was able to pursue new opportunities with confidence and am so incredibly glad I did!!! I landed my dream job; my life is balanced, and I can’t stop smiling. It’s pretty humbling to realize how long I allowed myself to run on that hamster wheel, not enjoying life, stressed out all the time, worrying about how to pay bills and provide for my daughter. Thank you for waking me up!!! I had no idea how much I wasn’t living until I actually started taking control of my life and living. If you haven’t signed up yet for coaching, well, consider this your sign and call/email them now!!

Rachel R.
South Carolina

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